Services & Fees

Letters, blogs, articles,
press releases, other business docs...
80 cents/word & minimum 250-words ($200)

Interviews + Summaries   (These fees do not apply to book-related interviews)
Witnesses, research subjects, etc...$100 hour/interview + 80 cents/word summary

Milestone Speeches

Memorial, Wedding, Barmitzvah & Batmitzvah,
Bris (Christening), Graduation, etc...
$100/minute & $500 minimum

(170 words = approx. 1 speech minute)

Business and Entertainment Bios/CVs Services & Fees:

Executive bios, artist bios, actor bios,

entertainer bios, 
company bios &

ission statements...starting at $500

Book Ghostwriting Services & Fees:

Memoirs & Biographies

Military, business, celebrity, survivor,

inspirational, Christian

Business Books

Business book/memoir hybrid

Inspirational, how-to

Fees based on length and complexity of the manuscript.

It is impossible to quote a one-price-fits-all fee on my site.

I won't know how much it's likely to cost you until we talk

and you share your vision and desires for the book.

I can tell you up front that the price is entirely in your hands. 

If you'd like to talk it over, go to the contact button.

Business Writing Services & Fees: 
(1 double-spaced Microsoft Word document page = approx. 250 words.)