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Will I get a dollar-for-dollar return on the money I invest in having you write my book?


There is no way to guarantee a dollar-for-dollar return on investment. Anyone who promises you a bestseller or promises that your book will be made into a movie is unethical and/or a psychic with a crystal ball. Any of those things could happen with a great story of yours beautifully written by me but let's be real...there is no way to guarantee that.


How well will my book sell?


I will deliver a beautifully written, ready-to-publish book that captures your story, reflects the true you, and is in line with your goals for the book. In many ways, you, yourself, will have a great deal to do with how well your book does...because only you will be in charge of how much effort you put into promoting it and marketing it. Social media and YouTube are your best friends in that regard, and there are many other online marketing ideas available. You are in the driver's seat. (Read Gary Vaynerchuk's books Crush It and Crushing It.)


Where will I find a publisher?


You can follow the protocol for approaching traditional "royalty" publishers, or you can choose the print-on-demand route for publishing. Thanks to the print-on-demand option available these days, you can have books in hand within twelve to fourteen weeks of completion of the manuscript.

Q: If there is no guarantee that I will earn back the entire investment I put into having you write my book, why do it?

A: There are many types of valuable currency that come from being the author of your own book, including:

  • The therapeutic value of telling a professional writer and interviewer your story from beginning to end.
    I can't overstate this. Look at the Acknowledgments page on my site. Clients tell me all the time that it was better than years of therapy. There is no other format in life where you have the luxury of telling a pro who's listening deeply your entire life story.
  • The legacy value of leaving your life story in book form as a treasure for future generations. 
  • The satisfaction that comes from holding your book in your hands and knowing that your life story is preserved forever.
  • Being a published author anchors and validates all your other endeavors. A book can be a great springboard into new  opportunities and it can cement and lend credence to all your current endeavors.