Dr. Ricardo Vega   
Rethinking Procreation  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Karl Rothstein, Businessman and Holocaust Survivor  
From Kristallnacht to Israel: A Memoir  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Billie King, Writer/Producer    
Blue King

Debra Hodgett, Triathlete and Mom 
Tri-Mom: Swimming, Biking and Running Through Motherhood  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Michelle Murphy, Electrical Engineer  
My Black Box: Flights of Bipolar  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Melissa Hull, Inspirational Speaker and Mom
Lessons from Neverland  (Dog Ear Publishing)


Clients & Books 

Shelly Hess Bangert, Healthcare Executive

Final Drive: A Memoir  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Georges Budagu Makoko, Housing Specialist

Ladder to the Moon: A Journey from The Congo to America  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Jason S. Hughes, Tennis Pro and Motivator 

One Man's Love Story: A Memoir  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Cheryl Glaiser, Healthcare Professional and Mom

Use It, Don't Abuse It: A Spiritual Memoir  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Eric Caron, U.S. Government Special Agent and Diplomat (Ret.), 
International Security Consultant

Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Michael S. Ward, Automotive Executive and Importer

How I Ate a Live Scorpion:
And Survived Twenty Years of Doing Business in China 
(Mill City Press)

William S. Gulya, Construction Business Owner and Expert Witness

The Straight Truth: The Life of an Expert Witness  (Dog Ear Publishing)

Hazel Court, British Film and Television Actress and Star

Hazel Court: Horror Queen  (Tomahawk Press, England)

Carlton Wilborn, Dancer/Choreographer, Actor, Motivator

Front and Center: How I Learned to Live There (Tree of Life Publishing)

Lorenzo Louden, Entrepreneur and Motivator

A Soldier's Redemption: The Life of Gangster Shorty G (Dog Ear Publishing)

Jason Sherman, Telecomm Professional and Single Dad

Diary of a Widowed Dad: A Memoir (Dog Ear Pubishing)

Scott S. Hartmann, Maverick

College Educated Dropout (Dog Ear Publishing)


Fred Franklin 

Souvenirs of a Childhood Interrupted: A Memoir (Dog Ear Publishing)



Vivien Cooper is the Author of George Clayton Johnson: Fictioneer 
(published by Bear Manor  Media),

a biography of the celebrated career of the film/TV writer responsible for
several iconic 
Twilight Zone episodes, Logan's Run, and for the story upon which the

Ocean's 11 film franchise is based.