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Shelly Hess Bangert, Healthcare Executive

Final Drive: A Memoir

"My experience working with Vivien Cooper has been extraordinary to say the least. I couldn't have been more pleased to work with such a caring, creative and professional woman. With her many talents, Vivien helped bring my vision of my story to others in my book, Final Drive. We both went through a mystic journey of tears and laughter working on this project. She was just the medicine I needed to help get my story into words...I would highly recommend her and I hope we work together in the future." 


Carlton Wilborn, Dancer/Choreographer, Actor, Motivator

Front and Center: How I Learned to Live There

"And of course, I give a big hug of thanks to my editor, Vivien Cooper. Vivien, your proficiency of editing, shaping, and bringing more punch to this book, as well as your ways of holding my soul during the trying days has proven to be truly the work of an angel."

Michelle Murphy, Electrical Engineer

My Black Box: Flights of Bipolar

"I especially want to thank my Developmental Editor, Vivien Cooper, with whom I feel a close bond. Without her expertise and intuition, this book would not have been possible. It is nearly impossible to write about psychotic episodes without the help of a caring and trained interviewer and listener. To a certain degree, I feel as if fate drove us together to work on this book."

Lorenzo Louden, Entrepreneur, Motivator and

Former Gangster

A Soldier's Redemption: The Life of Gangster, Shorty G

"And last but not least, I want to give special appreciation to my editor, Vivien Cooper. Without your outstanding talents and this God-ordained engagement with you, this book would not have been  possible. You have beautifully captured my thoughts and life experiences in this remarkable account of my journey. And you have done so in such a way that the book absorbs the reader in each event, and leaves them anticipating every chapter of my story."

Scott Hartmann, Maverick

College-Educated Dropout: What I Learned and Why I Left

"Vivien, thank you for your help with this book and your support of my journey. Your great mind was what this project needed and I'm glad it allowed our paths to cross. I hope you can continue to follow your heart as I continue to follow mine."

obert Fischbach, Commercial Real Estate Owner and Operator

Faithful As She Fades: A Memoir of Love and Dementia 

                                                 (in development currently)

"It is often said that everyone has one book inside them. Mine was to be a catharsis for me and hopefully a help to those suffering, as I did, through the life-altering illness of a loved one. It would never have gotten written had it not been for Vivien. She led me through the most difficult and emotional period of my life, taking my words and thoughts and beautifully blending them into a book. Her talent, knowledge and patience are above reproach. And I have a new friend. Make yourself the same friend!"