I grew up as the daughter of a special-effects tech for film and TV in Los Angeles. Some of my earliest memories involve being deeply engrossed in great movies and TV shows. Then there was the incredible music I listened to growing up. In particular, the lyrics to the songs sparked my imagination. At a young age, I began playing the piano and writing poetry and song lyrics. 

I live in Los Angeles, the home of the film/TV industry, not far from where I grew up. I also spend time each year in my beloved second home of Nashville, Tennessee, where I lived from 1990 to1997. When I am not writing, I can often be found at the movies, enjoying great music and art, spending time with loved ones, or out walking in gorgeous Southern California. My Episcopalian faith is my foundation and my integrity is my compass.  


My Story   

My Background & Career 

I began my professional writing career by writing profile articles about film/TV studio pros like my dad, who worked on set. (See My Story below.) I soon found that I had innate insights into human nature and the ability to listen and connect with a client's heart, mind, spirit and intentions. I instinctively understood the most moving and effective way to present a client's message in writing.     

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Over the years, my clientele has included those in the entertainment industry (see Clients & Books), as well as survivors of trauma and tragedy.

In earlier years, I worked as a civil litigation legal secretary. Typing 100 words per minute comes in handy to this day. I don't have to record or transcribe interviews, allowing for a streamlined process.

I also spent years conducting business-to-business market research interviews and writing accompanying summaries. I have been told that during my interviewing process, I put clients at ease and create a comfortable dynamic that enables them to open up.