"Vivien Cooper has a gift like no other..."

"Vivien Cooper has a gift like no other. Her instinctual writing ability enabled her to get into my mind and heart and bring my story to life in a way that touches the reader's soul. Search no further. You've found a gift from God."

Eric J. Caron, U.S. Gov't. Special Agent and Diplomat (Ret.), Int'l. Security Consultant, and Author of

Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent

"My experience working with Vivien has been extraordinary to say the least. I couldn't have been more pleased to work with such a caring, creative, professional woman. I highly recommend her."

Shelly Hess Bangert, Healthcare Executive, and Author of Final Drive

"I highly recommend her..." 

Over twenty years, I have served as writer, ghostwriter and editor of 20+ published books for my clients, as well as many other writings. As I built my career, my career built my reputation for me.
I am known as a writer who gets it, someone who...

  • Hears everything said and unsaid by the client and listens between the lines,
  • Leads with my integrity and ensures that the writing
    has structural integrity, as well,
  • Connects all the dots in writings both business and personal,
    Infuses everything I write with depth and power, 
  • And delivers excellent writing that moves the reader
    and stays true to your intentions and goals.

Nonfiction Ghostwriter         Biographer          Business Writer          Speech Writer          Interviewer            Editor